Let me tell you about my boat...

Not me, but quite an accurate depiction.

Hiyo.  My name is Carol and I live in Philadelphia with my boyfriend Pete and our two cats.  I've never baked or cooked professionally, but I've been filling friend's and family's bellies since I was a kid, and now I dream about donuts.  Gluten-free donuts.

It all starts with Pete being allergic to gluten.  In fact, most of his family is allergic to gluten.  "I miss pizza," he said, "and pop tarts and delicious baked goods."  Store bought items were just a shadow of the foods they were trying to imitate and the sad look on Pete's face when I bit into doughy deliciousness were too much for me.  Gauntlet thrown!  Challenge accepted!  I threw on my capey like apron and started baking.  I started with my old standbys- chocolate chip cookies, olive oil cake, shortbread cookies, banana bread.  I tried different GF flour mixes until I found one that didn't make us fart.  (Sorry bean flour lovers, I just can't get with you.)  I didn't stop trying until it tasted like a baked good should taste- moist, delicious, and airy.  Unless it's the chocolate chip cookies, of course.  I like those thin and crispy.  And then one day I decided I'd try my hand at donuts.

It was a gluten-free version of a French Cruller, and they came out perfect.  Well, not absolutely perfect, since my piping skills were laughable at best and I didn't have a fancy star tip.  But the taste!  And the delicious airiness of the dough after it came out of the fryer!  I was hooked.  Then I tried a cake donut.  And a jelly filled.  And more cake donuts.  And I'm still going, and I can't stop.  When I close my eyes, I dream of donuts.

I put this blog together to be my donut diary- to jot down all my mistakes and triumphs in this gluten-free endeavor of mine.  Maybe this donut business will go somewhere.  Maybe I'll get a bio-diesel car and deliver donuts to everyone (gotta use that leftover canola oil for something).  Maybe I'll find myself a cat-free kitchen to bake out of.  If it happens, you'll be the first to know.

Love and donuts,


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  1. Now I get what you're doing. On FB I just thought, wow, that Carol Ha sure likes donuts! Yay for your and us GF folks!