Sure, I can make regular, run of the mill, just like Dunkin Donuts donuts.  But that's boring.  Below are some flavors that are tried and true and some that I've dreamed up and can't wait to try.  Suggestions are always welcome.

French Cruller
Pumpkin Spice with Vanilla glaze
Mexican Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow glaze
Lemon and Rosemary with Honey Milk glaze
Dark and Stormy- Ginger with Rum glaze
Lavender with Lemon Icing
Cafe Sua Da (Viet coffee with condensed milk)
Blueberry with lemon glaze
Strawberry with dark chocolate glaze
Honey with Honey Milk glaze

Coming up:
Grapefruit with Mint
Green tea with Coconut icing
Sweet potato with Marshmallow glaze  
Blueberry with Lemon glaze
Chestnut and sage with.... ?
Chai with honey
Avocado with bittersweet chocolate glaze
Chocolate yeast with pear butter filling
Applejack fritter

All my donuts are gluten-free.   


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