Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Once more, with feeling.

This isn't my first attempt at yeast donuts.  I first tried them for a holiday get together with Pete's family, and I was so excited.  The dough seemed to be following the recipe's description (note when baking gluten-free: this doesn't and, most of the time, shouldn't happen), and I was gleefully rolling out the dough and chomping away with my donut cutter.  But when I came back to check on them after an hour, I found to my horror that they didn't rise.  I killed the yeast!  Flat as pancakes and I only had a few hours until the get together!  Worst.  Baker.  Ever.  I fried them with tears in my eyes, and served them with a thousand apologies.  Pete's family, god bless 'em, were good sports and ate them.

I stuck with cake donuts for a few weeks after that.  

But today, with the failure still gnawing at me, I decided to try again.  This time I figured I'd follow Gluten Free Girl's advice and follow Alton Brown's recipe (not that the first recipe I followed was bad, but GFG has never steered me wrong)  And this time, I'd pay attention to the yeast water's temperature.  Et voila:

Yeast donuts with plum jam filling

Crispy on the outside, light as air on the inside.  I busted out the "flavor injector" Pete's mom had given me for Christmas and filled those puppies up with plum preserves.  


The dough was nice and wet (quite a difference from my first attempt) which creates a lighter, fluffier donut.  I used a giant pipping bag to pipe circular disks onto squares of parchment paper- this makes dropping the sticky dough in hot oil a breeze.  As soon as they hit the oil they puffed up- I couldn't help but do a little dance as I fried them.  There may or may not have been singing.  

I cannot wait until our next holiday gathering to redeem myself.

Maybe just one more.


  1. Aaaah! So excited, about the blog and about the donuts. Congratulations! My only beef is that you achieved this triumph while I'm away. Let's make our "next family get-together" a birthday celebration for me as soon as we get back, with donuts instead of cake! Hurrah!

  2. What do you do with them... who profits from your hobby?

    1. Right now I'm just doing this for fun. I'd like to start selling, but... baby steps. Maybe I'll make a book?